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Summer Concert 2022
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A lyrical ode to the beauty of unconditional married Love, this musical maiden voyage is an unapologetic celebration of what it means to be completely immersed in the joys and pain of a no-holds-barred, all or nothing emotional bond, come what may.

Ride or die.

Neyborly @ Jack London Square

The Fight Began Here

This pre-covid concert (November 2019) seemed to come in the nick of time. Still, it wasn't enough for some who felt alone still. We continue to write and offer love, care, and connection, hoping to create another avenue of relief for as many as we can.



Nashville to Chicago

Spreading Wings

Making music here opened up my eyes - this is a universal battle. The need for love, peace, and safety is global, no matter how "together" one may seem, or however rich.

Here, I cut my teeth and saw why I needed to do this in the first place. I can't look back now.


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Summer Concert 2022

@ Cal Shakes Amphitheater, Orinda

This year, Due'Lyric will explore what it means to combine healing music with green spaces. There are many paths to peace, and ways to cope with the complexities of life as we acclimate to our new normal. Let's find them together this summer.


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